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Our mission and professional commitment is helping small and rural communities provide safe, dependable, quality water at an affordable cost to their customers.

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Nick Radtke, Water Technician Peter Huisman, Water Technician 


Our Water Technicians travel the state answering requests for Training and Technical Assistance for public water systems, in the state of Colorado that are community rated with populations of 10,000 or less. 


Typical tasks that the Water Technician is asked to perform are:



  • Training operators in the operation and maintenance of their ---system.


  • Developing a system of maintenance.


  • Helping take required tests and teach operators the correct

     testing methods.


  • Assisting with specific maintenance problems.


  • Testing of meters in the field.


  • Leak and line location.


  • Giving advice on rate structures and forming new districts.


  • Training on record keeping.


  • Reducing cost of power and water losses.


  • Any other service to help the water system succeed.




If you would like to request help online, fill out the information below and a brief message about your request.