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Our mission and professional commitment is helping small and rural communities provide safe, dependable, quality water at an affordable cost to their customers.

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  CRWA will post Equipment for Sale and / or Giveaway on our website for MEMBERS ONLY


  To place an equipment advertisement  for your organization please do the following:


  • Email us a Word Document with a description and price for your equipment to
  • Include a contact person with email address, phone number or your company website.
  • You may include photos of the items in a .JPG format.
  • Be sure to notify us when the equipment has found a home so we can remove it from our website.






or Giveaway!                                   




Date Posted:  June 15, 2017


WANTED:    fire hydrant(s),      2” or 4” any model


Contact Jon Ashton, 720-310-8258,






Date Posted:  April 11, 2017


Town of Georgetown is selling 1/3 interest in 2007 Mobile dewatering trail useful for reduction in Wastewater sludge hauling.  Press 30 gallons per minute.  Town will consider Lease Purchasing financing for municipality or district.  For more information contact Thomas H. Hale Town Administrator, at





Date Posted:  March 29, 2017


STRATMOOR HILLS WATER AND SANITATION DISTRICTS has 1700 feet of c909 8" made in 7/2000.  Would make great irrigation pipe $1.25 a foot or best offer. 


Also have 8"X6" all stainless-steel tapping sleeve in great condition for $300.


For more information contact, Eddie Strabala at 719-338-9108 or






Date Posted:  March 2, 2017


We have 1- 1720C low range turbidimeter and power supply, 5- ps 1201 power supply network connection modules, 7- 1720D turbidimeters. 

All were working before we upgraded , all are HACH. 

If these would be helpful to anyone they could contact Laurelei O'Ryan at 303-464-5600 or Wayne Fields


Date Posted:  February 28, 2017




Please contact Jon Ashton, Town of Jamestown at, 720-310-8258.






Date Posted:  February 2, 2017



Filtration System removed from potable water system (Panorama Ranches.  Units are in good working order.  Four stainless steel


filter vessels using 7 inch by 32 inch bag filters.  Not CDPHE or NSF 61 Certified, but usable in other applications such as irrigation


systems, greenhouses, grow facilities etc.  $25,000 unit when new, units are in good working order.  Will accept first reasonable





Please call Dan Harris at 970-927-3742






Date Posted:  December 5, 2016


The Town of Crestone has a used Sensus 4" T2 flow meter for sale.  It has a 23" lay length.  Works best with 50 gpm flow or


higher for best accuracy.  Asking $400. 



Please call Ann 719-256-4755 or email







Date Posted:  October 17, 2016


FREE - Ortec HP-1500 Belt Filter Press x2, with all required equipment for operation

Ortec Belt Filter Press HP-1500 this is the manufactures web site has stated that they can upgrade the presses automatic tracking along with other upgrades.

These were  operational when removed from service 09/19/2016 It is a complete system, controls, polymer feed, Flocculation tank, Netzsch progressive cavity feed pump, the dual discharge loading arguers, VFD’s motor controllers.

When we operated press it was used for biosolids, max gpm was about 70 gpm input @ 1.2% solids with an average output was about 10-13% solids.

There is several thousand pounds of Stainless Steel in total, which has a value; we just require a letter of interest from a governmental agency for the District Board to approve transfer of equipment.

They are also for sale at:  


These will go to scrap on December 1, 2016

We can help load equipment, transporting is on you.

Please contact: Phil Starks

Cortez Sanitation District

2908 South Broadway

Cortez, Colorado,







Date Posted:  June 9, 2016


CRWA has a Xerox Colorqube 9201 Multi-Function Copier for sale.                                                                           


Priced at only $3,500  (EXCELLENT DEAL!)



  • Integrated Finisher

  • Extra High Capacity Feeding Tray

  • Scan to PC Desktop

  • Booklet, “C” Fold, Stapling and Hole Punching Features

  • Eco-Friendly Solid Ink


We have used this copier repeatedly for every day black and white copies as well as high color quality booklets and brochures!  It was maintained regularly.  

User manual and service records included.


The ColorQube produces high quality color photos and images and was recognized by BERTL’s stating:


  • Xerox Solid Ink Sticks produce great color technology that is easy to use, cartridge free and environmentally responsible.


  • Non Toxic ink is resin-based, similar to a crayon and safe to handle.


  • Ink is instantly fused onto paper using heat & press producing great image quality on any kind of media.


  • Produces 90% less ink waste during use than comparative laser devices.


  • Certified by the National Association of Printing Ink Manufacturers (NAPIM) to have 30% bio-derived renewable material content.


Contact our office at 719-545-6748 or send us an email at




Repost:  June 9, 2016


Colorado Rural Water Association


Contact:  Chuck Goin or Paul Shreve at 719-545-6748







CRWA has one Turbidity Meter still available for FREE! 









Date Posted:  May 17, 2016




Thermo Scientific Barnstead Easypure II Compact Water System

Reservoir Feed Model


Purchased in 2009 for $2700


Asking Price: $500


Produces Type I water with resistivity of 18.2 megohm-cm. Contains a 6.5L reservoir that is filled with pre-treated DI or distilled water. For applications requiring less than 15L/day of ultrapure water. 120V power electrical requirement. Includes a sanitization cartridge kit.



Works great. Does have some staining on the front.




 Hach APA6000 Alkalinity Analyzer

From Hach website:


Advanced analysis for alkalinity. The APA 6000 Process Analyzer is a microprocessor-controlled process analyzer designed to continuously monitor a specific substance in a sample stream. Whether monitoring industrial effluent or drinking water, operators need a process analyzer they can rely on. Today’s water treatment environment requires precise, around-the-clock control. Hach’s APA 6000™ Process Analyzer performs continuous, unattended and accurate analysis. Comprehensive documentation simplifies installation procedures and illustrated, user-friendly manuals explain calibration routines, troubleshooting techniques and diagnostic tools.

 Measures 1-1000 mg/L total alkalinity as CaCO3, 5-1000 mg/L CaCO3 as phenolphathalein alkalinity. 


·                     Accurate, continuous analysis

·                     Completely automated

·                     Very low maintenance

·                     Advanced process control

·                     Constant protection

Purchased in 2003 but was used only for a couple of months. Like new. Does include a 120V power cord and the original installation and maintenance manual.
Current price from Hach for a new unit: $12,500


Asking price: $2500

     *Interested parties contact by e-mail:


                         Diana Beehler at


Date Posted:  February 19, 2016




(2)Rolls   22’ x 610” (26,840 SF)  (minus 1,350 FT used for lining one ditch)

This liner material was purchased on September 30, 2012 in anticipation of replacing an old liner in a reservoir.  However, that project did not happen.


The liner is available for inspection at:


Rock Creek Mesa Water District

180 Rock Creek Mesa Road

Colorado Springs, CO 80926




Kathy Olson              719-576-0746 – office

                                  719-648-2602 – cell


Jay Jones                  719-660-1939 – cell







Date Posted:  January 22, 2016



For Sale: Hach Autocat 9000

This is a used instrument that has been used for measuring chlorine dioxide and chlorite residual levels.

Purchased in 2003

Asking Price - $800.00

The machine is in working order.  The fan motor may need to be replaced as it has developed a humming sound.  Included with the machine are: new replacement burette, new electrode head (x2), new delivery tubing, new titrant bottle stopper.

Description of the machine from Hach follows:

“The AutoCAT automates the USEPA-approved amperometric titration procedures for chlorine, chlorine dioxide, and chlorite determinations as described in “Standard Methods for the Examination of Water and Wastewater.” Sample prepartion is presented to the user in easy-to-understand screen displays. When the titration begins, the process is entirely "hands off."
• Forward titration for free chlorine, 0.1 to 5 mg/L (Standard Method 4500-Cl D. 4b)
• Forward titration for total chlorine, 1.2 µg/L to 5 mg/L (Standard Method 4500-Cl D. 4d)
• Back titration for total chlorine, 5.1 µg/L to 5 mg/L (Standard Method 4500-Cl C.)
• Chlorine dioxide with chlorite, 0.05 to 5 mg/L (Standard Method 4500-ClO2 E.)”

Interested parties contact by phone or email:

Rick Whittet