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Our mission and professional commitment is helping small and rural communities provide safe, dependable, quality water at an affordable cost to their customers.

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Colorado Rural Water Association's mission is to

provide professional training, technical assistance

and political representation to rural and small

communities as they endeavor to maintain industry

standards, meet regulatory deadlines and attain

 multi-level certifications of their water and

wastewater systems operators.





The Colorado Rural Water Association (CRWA) is a non-profit corporation incorporated November 24, 1980 under the rules and laws of the state of Colorado. This organization provides technical assistance and training to Colorado's public and private water and wastewater systems having populations less than 10,000. About 98% of Colorado's 2,095 public water systems serve communities that have populations less than 10,000. 


CRWA will be celebrating its 38th Anniversary in November!


The Association is an affiliate of the National Rural Water Association, (NRWA) which is headquartered in Duncan, Oklahoma.


Many of our activities are funded through NRWA, which in turn receives funds through grants from the Environmental Protection Agency and the Rural Development Administration. The organization also relies on funds from membership dues and advertisements.  


CRWA cooperates with The Colorado Department of Health and Environment, EPA and RDA with Operator Training, Technical Assistance and Regulatory Compliance.


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 BECOME A MEMBER  of the Colorado Rural Water Association which is dedicated to bringing safe drinking water to all of Colorado. 




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  •  Post your help wanted or equipment for sale/giveaway

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  •  Affinity Programs offering Cyber Insurance, Website Design Services

              and Water Leak Repair/Replacement Insurance through NRWA.

  •  Help support the entire network of Rural Colorado Communities!







       *Benefits vary depending on the type of membership purchased.