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Our mission and professional commitment is helping small and rural communities provide safe, dependable, quality water at an affordable cost to their customers.

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The manuals listed below are the industry's standard for information needed to operate
 a quality service and help employees become formally trained.  
These manuals include guided learning materials, and tests that are designed to evaluate what you have learned. 

 Sacramento Operator Training Manuals (SOTM's)


 $60.00    Members

 $75.00     Nonmembers 

shipping and handling may be added.


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 Advanced Waste Treatment  
 Industrial Waste Treatment:Volume I  
 Industrial Waste Treatment:Volume II 

Operation/Maintenance of Waste Water Collection Systems: 

Volume I  

Operation/Maintenance of Waste Water Collection Systems: 

Volume II 

Operation of Wastewater Treatment Plants: Volume I 
Operation of Wastewater Treatment Plants: Volume II
Small Wastewater System Operation and Maintenance:  Volume I 
Small Wastewater System Operation and Maintenance:  Volume II
Small Water Systems Operation and Maintenance 
Treatment of Metal Wastestreams   
 Water Distribution System Operation and Maintenance 
Water Treatment Plant Operation:  Volume I
Water Treatment Plant Operation:  Volume II
Shipping and Handling ( 1 Book - $8.00) 
Shipping and Handling ( 3 or 4 Books - $16.00 ) 
 Shipping and Handling ( 5 or More Books - $0.00) 
 Water Flashcards -  
 Wastewater Flashcards - 
 Water Basics / Montana CD -