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Our mission and professional commitment is helping small and rural communities provide safe, dependable, quality water at an affordable cost to their customers.

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      CRWA Energy Efficiency Program  




Colorado Rural Water Association provides

FREE Energy Efficiency Assessments. 

The final report outlines energy saving

improvements that will save your utility money!




Joe Kleffner, Energy Efficiency Technician




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 Energy Efficiency Assessment Program (EEAP)                               


              It Saves YOU Energy and Money!


What is the Energy Efficiency Assessment (EEAP)?


       Review pumping operations with staff and discuss alternatives to save energy.

     (Ensures all approaches to conserve water and energy are in place.)


       Review electric bills to ensure best rates are being utilized by the System.


       Assist utilities to ensure premium efficiency equipment is in place in order to  conserve energy and reduce power costs.


       Evaluate buildings to ensure energy efficient doors, windows, and insulation is in  place to conserve energy.


       Provide a cost benefit analysis to determine pay back or Break Even Point (BEP) to support budgeting of Energy Saving equipment.


       Prioritize Improvements to ensure quick pay back improvements are done first.


       Review alternative power options such as solar power.


       Provide sources for funding the recommended improvements.

CRWA and NRWA have secured a grant to offer a FREE ENERGY ASSESSMENT


                                                                            Complete the information below and you will be contacted to schedule an appointment.